School & SWENext Partnerships

Goals and Objectives

By pairing with high school clubs, we hope to excite and educate students, especially females, about engineering. Through each of our interactions we serve as an agent of change, inspiring students to dream big, be creative and curious, problem solve, and develop an awareness of the world to become the leaders of tomorrow.  

Activities and Involvement

Our section is excited about the possibility of supporting any existing STEM clubs at your school by:

  • Arranging a majors panel to learn more about the degrees offered in engineering
  • Connecting high schoolers with Mines students for help and advice on projects or competitions and mentorship in general
  • Attending club meetings for Q&A or run a STEM activity/challenge for the girls
  • Hosting a field trip at Mines for a tour and STEM activity
  • Joining the Mines high school shadow program where girls can attend classes and spend a day in the life of a girl at Mines, but this is still in its early stages
  • If you have a TSA chapter or compete in the Science Olympiad, we could pitch in as advisors
  • Ultimately, our involvement can depend on what the club and its members are looking for!

We also have a few big events that might interest your members. Our section puts on an event in the fall for middle schoolers called Girls on the Rise and another event for high schoolers in the spring called Girls Lead the Way.


If you would like a yearlong program, SWE offers an engineering club for girls interested in STEM called SWE Next. The main benefits for being affiliated with SWE Next are the programs, events, and challenges for members to participate in throughout the year. SWE provides resources and curriculum to get students involved in STEM and puts on large local events for students to attend. Our collegiate section of SWE would be able to support a Next club as advisors, guest lecturers, or present activities and challenges. 

Interested in learning more about SWENext?

Visit the SWE Next website,, or contact the VP of Outreach for more information. 

Looking to pair your school or SWENext club with the Mines SWE section? 

Connect with our current VP of Outreach, Jessica Tomshack, at to discuss how to start a partnership. 


Check out our Social Media to keep up to date on all of our events!