Spring 2021 Meetings


Weekly Meetings & Events

Our weekly meetings will be provided virtually for the Spring 2021 semester due to Covid-19 restrictions. Below is the line up for the meetings this semester. Once the meeting has been recorded, a link will be provided under ‘Spring Meeting Recordings’ in case you can’t make it. The password is located in the weekly SWEmails. 

Wednesday Meetings are at Noon 


January 20 Virtual
Welcome Back to SWE!
Wear your shirt for this. year’s group photo!


January 23 Virtual
Spring Kick-Off Event
Join SWE and BOA in welcoming the
spring semester at a fun virtual event!

January 27 Virtual
I Could Have Never Planned This!
A Post College Journey
Sarah Wallskog Green

January 28 Virtual
How to Build a Strong Resume
and Interview with Confidence
Victoria Rusnak
Lockheed Martin

February 1 Virtual
Networking Reception – 5:00 PM
Enjoy networking with recruiters the day
before career fair.

February 3 Virtual
Breathe Easy: Tools for Handling
Stress and Anxiety
Shawntel Tucker
Family Resource Network

February 10 Virtual
We Love Staff and Faculty!
Join us to thank professors, staff, and faculty
for their support of SWE.

February 17 Virtual
Embrace the Chaos!
Angie Wise
Sierra Nevada Corporation

February 20 Virtual
Girls Lead the Way
Support high school girls interested in
STEM at this fun virtual event.

February 24 Virtual
Finding Your Career Path and
Solving Challenges Along the Way
Maggie Mueller
CSM SWE Professional Counselor

March 3 Virtual
Women’s History Month
Angela P. Dodson
Author of Remember the Ladies:   
Celebrating Those Who Fought for
Freedom at the Ballot Box


March 10 Virtual
Study Abroad Opportunities
D’Jeane Peters
Mines Study Abroad Office

March 17 Virtual
St. Patrick’s Day!
Come celebrate St. Patty’s day and learn
about becoming a Mines SWE officer!


March 18 Virtual
Salary Negotiation Workshop
Learn how to negotiate salaries from Mines pros


March 24 Virtual
How to Move the Ball: Thriving in
an Engineering Career
Jen Garrett
She’s Got Game

April 7 Virtual
Communication in the Cross-
Disciplinary Workplace
Stacy Willett

April 14 Virtual
Mentorship: What is it, and why do
I need it?
Emily Flagg, Alana Bales, and
Megan Feilbach


April 21 Virtual
Technical Interview Workshop
Nicole May
Fast Enterprises

April 28 Virtual
The Absolute Value of an 
Engineer: an investigation into our 
worth as women in STEM
Briana Chamberlain and Riley Cronin

May 5 Virtual
Elections and Awards Meeting 
Celebrate the end of the semester with SWE!

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