2018/2019 Society of Women Engineers Officers

President- Chloe Archuleta


My name is Chloe Archuleta and I am a senior in Biochemical Engineering with a minor in Biomedical Engineering. I became an officer because I am really passionate about women succeeding in science and helping shape a new generation of female scientists. One of my favorite parts of SWE is meeting so many inspiring people, from successful women in industry to new incoming students excited for Mines.

VP of Finance- Elena Lundeen


Hi, my name is Elena Lundeen and I’m studying civil engineering. My hometown in Austin, TX, but I thoroughly enjoy living in Golden with so many hiking trails around! I had a great experience with SWE my freshman year, and so I became an officer to help continue making SWE a great resource for women at Mines. My favorite thing about SWE is how many areas we strive to support women in. Not only does SWE deal with academic and professional development, but it is also community driven!

VP of Communications- Sophia Becker


Hi, I’m Sophia! I am studying Chemical Engineering with minors in Biomedical Engineering and Computer Science here at Mines. This will be my second year serving as the Vice President of Communications for the Mines SWE Section. In addition, I am the Chair Mentorship Program Committee in its first year and am involved in the SWE Future Leaders Program on the National level. I got so heavily involved in SWE because it really helps me with my confidence as a woman in STEM–it also lets me get away from schoolwork while still advocating for women in the field. I love working with a supportive team of such strong, powerful women, and I think this year is going to be fantastic!

VP of Public Relations- Julia Cormos


Hello! My name is Julia and I am a senior in Applied Mathematics. I became a SWE officer because I loved connecting with my peers and wanted to continue that! My favorite part of SWE is being able to reach out and educate girls and teens about STEM.

VP of Outreach – Empty Spring 2019

VP of Special Events- Emily Bournia



Hello! My name is Emily Bournia and I am from Iliff, CO. I am studying Chemical Engineering at Mines. I became a SWE Officer because I think that it is important to have a group of women in STEM. I love SWE because it is a way to meet new women around campus!

VP of Member Services – Sarah Livingston



Hello! My name is Sarah Livingston, and I am from Shreveport, Louisiana. I am currently a junior in chemical engineering, pursuing a minor in Energy. I became a SWE officer because I wanted to not only be more involved with the SWE family, but also Mines as a whole. My favorite part of SWE has been all the connections I have made. Whether it be friends, people in industry, or faculty, I have enjoyed getting to know tons of people I would have never known otherwise!

BSO Director- Brianna Lijewski


Hi I’m Brianna Lijewski, I am from Castle Rock, Colorado, and I am studying Computer Science here at Mines. In my free time I play lacrosse and read. I became an officer in SWE because I love how SWE empowers women to earn degrees in STEM fields, as well as give women powerful tools to earn those degrees and excel after University!

Girl Scout Outreach Director- Bomsaerah Seong


Hello! My name is Bomsaerah Seong and I am a junior majoring chemical engineering bio track with biomedical engineering minor. I became a SWE officer because I am passionate about helping and communicating with women in STEM! My favorite part about SWE is sharing special and fun experiences with many other women at Mines.

Logistics Director- Samyuktha Senthilkumar


Hi there! My name is Samyuktha Senthilkumar and I am a sophomore in Computer Science here at Mines! I’ve grown up in Colorado most of my life with Parker being my hometown. My favorite thing about SWE at Mines is that we have a camaraderie that is unlike most. We are a bunch of women who are here to work together, lift each other up and inspire others. That is partly why I became an officer of our lovely SWE section. It’s also a wonderful organization that hosts several professional and just for fun events that I have loved being a part of so I can’t wait to get more involved in the operations side of things.

Logistics Director- Katie Bruce



Logistics Director- Emma De Angeles


Hi, my name is Emma De Angeles and I am a sophomore in Chemical Engineering from Littleton Colorado. I became a SWE officer because I wanted to be more apart of SWE and love how it empowers and inspires women in science. My favorite part about SWE is meeting the members and getting to know them better. 


Logistics Director- Layla Moriarty



Evening with Industry Director – Jenna Lucas


Hi my name is Jenna Lucas. I am a senior in civil engineering. My hometown is Grand Junction, CO. I joined SWE for the amazing outreach events and leadership opportunities. There is so much support in this section and many opportunities succeed in Mines.

Networking Reception Director- Jessica Horii


Hi I’m Jess and I will be serving as the Networking Reception Director this year. This will be my third year as a member of SWE and second year on the executive board after serving for a year as a Logistics Director. I love the community that is built by SWE and I think the outreach events are so fun! Besides being involved in SWE, I am also a part of APO, Blue Key, and the Mines Track team. I will be a junior in Mechanical Engineering this year. In my free time, I love spending my time skiing, hiking, or hanging out with friends. I’m excited for another great year of SWE.

Girls Lead the Way Director- Taryn Tucker


Hello! My name is Taryn, I am from Colorado Springs Colorado. I am studying Mechanical Engineering here at Mines. I became a SWE officer because I loved my experiences at SWE events, specifically Girls Lead the Way. My favorite thing about SWE at Mines is the amazing community which it provides. Additionally, I love being able to interact with, and inspire young girls with regards to the field of STEM.

Fundraising Director- Diana Teran


HI! I’m Diana and I’m from Chicago. I am studying Environmental Engineering at Mines as well as minoring in Humanitarian Engineering. I love the events and opportunities SWE provides and wanted to be more involved with them so I decided to become an officer. If you ever see me around don’t hesitate to say hi! 


Faculty Advisor- Kelly Knechtel


Office Phone: 303.273.3146