Girl Scout Engineering Day

Every year, SWE hosts Girl Scout Engineering Day, a half-day outreach event for Girl Scouts Juniors where participants are exposed to different areas of STEM. This year’s theme is “Calling All Explorers!” On November 14, Girl Scout Juniors will have an opportunity to join a Zoom call with SWE members to work together on experiments relating to the exploration of uninhabited Earth-like planets. There will also be a panel discussion to enable Girl Scouts to ask questions and learn about the cool things SWE members are doing with their STEM education. Adult supervision during the activity portion is highly recommended. 

Girl Scout Engineering Day prepares participants to:

  • Define introductory science, engineering, and mathematics concepts
  • Demonstrate their interest in STEM with continued active engagement in STEM-type classes, and extracurricular activities
  • Apply their learning to future hands-on experiences to complete the Girl Scout STEM badge

See the Activities the Girl Scouts Enjoyed:

Interested in more science projects?

Check out Girls are S.M.A.R.T. designed by Aarzoo Aggarwal as a Girl Scout Gold Award project! This free program has a variety of cool activities and explanations of the science behind them. 

GSED in the News!

Quotes from the 2019 Post-Event Parent Survey:

“She keeps talking about it and wants to do something about engineering for her passion project at school this year”

“All 4 of my girls were using multiple terms they learned CORRECTLY in telling parents what they learned and loved.”

“My Girl Scout was happy to share her experience to all who would listen.  She enjoyed all the stations and learned about radio waves, statistics and how she counted and made a graph, about designing and creating the container for the egg drop and filtration system.  She really understood each station’s concept.”

“That School of Mines is now an option for her because she met so many smart and friendly women in science.”

“She learned there is a much wider range of different types of engineering activities and fields than she realized :)”

“She came home and we started making paper airplanes. She was inspired! It was really great and loved seeing her excited about STEM activities. “

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