Girls Lead the Way

Meet the GLTW Director!

Meet the GLTW Director!

Kimmy Munder is the Girls lead the Way director, and she is a sophomore in chemical engineering. She is excited to help girls learn about STEM and encourage them to pursue their dreams.


Our annual Girls Lead the Way conference is a full day of hands-on learning designed to introduce high school girls in grades 9-12 to engineering and applied mathematics concepts and the Mines campus. The day begins with a welcome and introduction to the event, followed by major panels where women from Mines speak about their respective majors and answer questions. After the panel, girls are broken into smaller groups according to their interest in majors, and attend their first of three hour-long, hands-on activity stations hosted by Mines faculty and students. We will then give an hour for lunch break. To close out the conference, girls can take an optional campus tour with Mines Ambassadors.

The hands-on sessions are overwhelmingly the most impactful part of the day, and make participants more aware of the wide variety of majors and careers available. Participants report feeling more confident in their abilities to pursue their passions in STEM.

Girls Lead the Way prepares participants to:

  • Articulate different majors at Mines and their application to a variety of industries
  • Demonstrate their interest in STEM with continued involvement in related course work, interests, and extracurricular activities

GLTW contributes to enrollment pipeline

As the largest outreach event for high school girls on campus, we are inspiring the next generation of women scientists and engineers to pursue STEM in college. We work closely with Mines Admissions to track participation in the conference to those who apply, are admitted, and begin their college career at Mines. We know a lot of factors contribute to where women go to school (i.e., cost, location, programs available). Our conference plays a role in getting women to say “yes” to Mines. 

 Girls Lead the Way entry term data (since fall 2019)


Quotes from Past Participants

“I have always known that I have wanted to go into engineering, but need guidance on how to get into the program, so this really helped me.”

“I would recommend this to my friends who are interested in STEM fields.”

“I really liked being able to see what success looks like for females in STEM. It also gave me the opportunity to see what different STEM majors were like.”

“I really enjoyed the various activities because I got to learn more about Mines and the other girls participating in the conference while making and building some really cool projects.”

Date: Feb 26, 2022 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM 

Registration cost: $30

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