Mentorship Program

Nervous and excited about life at Mines? Become a SWE mentee!

  • Join a community of women at Mines who are excited to help you
  • Establish valuable connections with junior and senior SWE members to create a support network early in your college career
  • Get the inside scoop on Mines (and your major) from someone who has been in your shoes
  • Take advantage of resources to help you adjust and thrive at Mines!

If you have any questions about the program, connect with our current Mentorship Director, Kelsey Ferro:, or our Vice President of Membership, Emma De Angeles:


This programs aims to:

  • Provide a setting for women at Mines to feel comfortable with their peers, creating a sense of belonging.
  • Find solutions to challenges facing women in STEM, such as impostor syndrome, lack of self-assurance (confidence to be assertive), and feelings of isolation.
  • Create a community of women at Mines who are eager to help incoming women, and attract more women to Mines.
  • Strengthen SWE as an organization by providing an outlet for more members to get involved in ways that relate to and benefit them, ultimately resulting in increased persistence and retention.
  • Benefit incoming students by providing them with the opportunity to establish connections and learn from junior and senior SWE members in their major through advice sharing and guidance.

Pairing Methods

  • The number of mentors/mentees pairs varies on major. Generally, 2-3 mentees per mentor.
  • Pairings are based primarily on intended major, then narrowed using other noted interests from the mentee sign-up form.
  • There is no pressure for a mentee to remain in a group if they decide to switch majors. Their mentor and the Vice President of Member Services will be happy to help find the mentee a new group.

Paring & Logistics Timeline

For Mentors:

  • Application emailed to all current SWE members one month before school begins.
  • Applications must be submitted by the first day of the fall semester.
  • Training about the program, featuring presentations from the Counseling Center and Title IX Office, occurs within the first 2 weeks of the fall semester.

For Mentees:

  • Sign-up form emailed 2 weeks before first day of the fall semester to all incoming freshmen, transfer, and sophomore students.
  • Sign-up closes at the end of the second week of the fall semester.

Once all sign-ups have been received, SWE’s Executive Board will assign groups. Pairings are announced during the mentoring kick-off event, ~ second week of September

Calendar of Activities

The Vice President of Member Services organizes ~6 large events each semester covering relevant topics. Attendance is strongly encouraged.
Sample of topics:
    • Career Fair/networking
    • Registration
    • Sophomore year housing options
    • Tips for academic success & confidence
    • Communication & teamwork
    • General community building
    • Empowering others

Evaluation and Improvement

The mentorship program is designed to benefit all participants. The leadership team routinely solicits feedback to improve the program. This is done via surveys once a semester: one to mentors and one to mentees.

What Mentees Desire from the Program

“I hope to gain better networking skills, study habits, and to help others.  I believe being a part of SWE is a big motivator for me and other women in engineering. I want to grow in SWE and at Mines to be a motivator, a leader, and a role model for women of all ages.”

 “Making strong friendships and connections with other women engineers as well as getting advice about my major to make the most of my time at Mines.”
“To find somebody who will not only mentor me and help me academically but someone who will also become a friend.”


“Since I am a terrified freshman, I would like someone who I can go to for help!”