This is our effort to educate students, staff, and faculty on campus about LGBTQ+ issues, ultimately fostering inclusion, promoting resources, and building a culture of acceptance on the Mines campus.  These typically involve 1-1.5 hour long sessions with our trainers, and anyone who attends can get a SAFEZone placard at one of our booths to show that they’ve gone through training and will be accommodating to LGBTQ+ students, staff, and faculty.

We currently don’t have any SAFEZone training sessions set up for the next couple of weeks, but we should have some over the course of this semester, so look out for those.  Email if you’d like to set one up, you’re interested in taking part in one, or if you have any questions!

We aren’t looking for any trainers at the moment.  However, in the future, if you’d like to replace any trainers who graduate or step down from their positions, keep in mind that you can expect at least $35 for an average of a couple hours’ work a week (we have work-study funding and a couple campus organizations pitching in).  If you would like to learn how to host SAFEzone training sessions, please contact Lanie Breckenridge at