About The Spectrum Spark

Mission Statement

To create a space to discuss identity, sexuality, and our unified struggle in the queer community amongst ourselves and with our non-queer allies on campus. We aim to spark a conversation between isolated parts of the queer community and our allies to foster education and dialogue surrounding queer topics and allow queer individuals to reach out and connect through the arts. By accentuating our differences, we create unity and show that we are strengthened by the full spectrum of individuals in our community, and that we stand resilient to any challenge that comes our way.

What is The Spectrum Spark?

The Spectrum Spark is a Colorado School of Mines creative journal which is specifically intended to create a space to project the voices of LGBTQ members of Mines and celebrate LGBTQ culture.

Thank you to our sponsors!

The Spectrum Spark Editorial Team would like to thank the following sponsors for their generous support of The Spectrum Spark

Mines Philanthropy Council

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Ball Corporation

Issue 1 is out!

We are exited to announce that the web edition of Issue 1 of The Spectrum Spark has been released! To read Issue 1, click here. The Issue Archive page also includes a special web-only audio recording of one of the pieces being read aloud by the author!

Spectrum Spark Meetings

We’re hard at work preparing for the fall semester, and anyone is welcome to attend our meetings. Our next meeting will be on Wednesday, May 26th at 6:00pm. You can join the meeting at the following link: https://mines.zoom.us/j/92672410955


We're looking for editors!

Do you want to have a say in The Spectrum Spark? We’re looking for editors for the fall 2021 semester! If you are interested in joining, please visit the Join the Team page.