About Us

oSTEM at Colorado School of Mines strives to not only give LGBTQ+ students a place to be themselves, but also to unite the CSM campus, giving students a chance to interact with different types of people. It is not a gays only club; there are a number of both visitors and members that consider themselves bisexual, straight, and other orientations as well. In past years, there were even efforts to collaborate events with CSM’s chapter of Campus Crusade for Christ, or CCC. While a majority of activities are more social in nature – coffee nights, clubs, etc. – the organization has been working to sponsor, and contribute to, events that extend beyond our own club, and into both campus- and community-wide issues.

We hope that you – whoever you are – come to check out Mines’ LGBTQ+ club. Check out our calendar to see not only our big activities, but a schedule of weekly things, like group coffee nights, or movies.