The Horse Protection League

Members are encouraged to volunteer at The Horse Protection League (HPL), a non-profit organization that rescues and rehomes horses. Volunteering is a great way to be able to spend time with horses and learn new skills! No prior experience with horses is needed to be able to volunteer.

After attending orientation, volunteers can come to the ranch on designated volunteer days. There are two volunteer days a week, Wednesday and Saturday from 9 am to 2 pm. Volunteer duties include cleaning and maintaining the horses’ pens and water troughs, as well as grooming the horses.

HPL also offers a handling class for any volunteers interested in helping turn horses out or be able to groom and handle more unpredictable or difficult horses that general volunteers are not allowed to interact with.

HPL also offers a wrangler program for volunteers interested in working with the horses on the ranch, which involves an additional handling class, shadowing current wranglers, and more requirements that allow you to learn skills required to handle difficult horses.


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If you are interested in volunteering, information on how to registerfor orientation is on the HPL website. Orientations are held once a month.