English Riding Lessons

We do English riding lessons at Coventry Farms. Lesson horses and all tack is provided by Coventry. No riding experience is required. There are some helmets for use during lessons if you don’t have your own, but boots with a heel are required. Riders will need to arrive at Coventry Farms about 30 minutes before their lesson to have time to tack up their horse. For a rider’s first lesson, they should arrive earlier and will need to sign a waiver before their lesson.

Equestrian Team members usually do group lessons together, scheduled on the same day of the week based on everyone’s availability that semester.

Coventry Farms

7990 S Santa Fe Dr

Littleton, CO 80120

Flat Lessons

A flat lesson is an hour long lesson dedicated to working on your riding skills, and does not involve jumping. The exercises vary lesson to lesson and are based upon the riders’ skill levels.

Jump Lesson

A jump lesson is an hour long lesson dedicated to jumping. The height of the jumps and length of courses vary depending on the riders’ skill levels.

Private lessons are available and can be scheduled at each rider’s discretion, but they are more expensive. More pricing information can be found at Coventry Farms. These prices are for lessons with Emily and Amanda McConnell, other trainers that work out of Coventry may have different prices.

Western Riding Lessons

We currently aren’t holding Western riding lessons, but if there is enough interest we will look into finding a western trainer!