IHSA Show Attire Guide

English Equitation Horse Show Attire

Horse shows have a specific dress code, so it is important to be prepared with everything you need before your show! We recommend buying new items from stores like Dover Saddlery or used items for cheaper at consignment stores like Rusty Spur Saddle Shop.

White Show Shirt: A white shirt, usually long sleeved, with a special buttoned high collar.

Tan Riding Breaches: Tan colored riding pants (full seat breaches not allowed).

Black Belt: any type of black or dark colored belt.

Show shirt
Tan riding breaches
Show jacket
Tall riding boots

Black Show Jacket: a black or dark colored show jacket.

Tall Riding Boots: tall black riding boots that come to just below the knee. Alternatively, paddock boots (that only come up past the ankle) and half chaps are acceptable.

Black Gloves: black or dark colored riding gloves.

Black Riding Helmet: a black riding helmet with no markings on it. Helmets with adjustable dials are acceptable, but not desired.

*Hair Net: for riders with long hair, you must wear your hair up inside your helmet with a hair net, so make sure your helmet is large enough. We recommend a no knot hair net.


Riding helmet

If you have any questions, make sure to reach out to someone on the MET executive board EARLY so you have time to get everything for your first show!