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Mines Robotics Club Teams

Check out all of our competition teams, all of the teams are free to join and open to anyone. We have lots of awesome new competitions denoted with “[NEW COMPTITION]” tag which are looking for tons of new members.

All of the images that say “Place Holder Image” are robots that were NOT designed by Mines Robotics.

Inside each team’s info page look for orange boxes for information and contact forms to join the team!

Introductory Battlebots

The Mines Introductory BattleBots competition is a great way for new club members to learn the fundamentals about how the club operates, the manufacturing/design resources on campus, and have fun with a close-knit team. Highly recommended for all new members of any skill level!

Lower Body Exoskeleton

The Mines Lower Body Exoskeleton is designed with first responder mobility requirements in mind. The suit is designed to carry about 35lb while still providing the user the flexibility and agility to get to the scene quickly. 

Beetle Weight Battlebots (Arashi)

The beetle weight battlebot, Arashi is 6lb version of one of the best introductory battlebots. This walking beast spins a 3lb, 12in diameter metal ring at 10,000 rpm to smash the competition. If you enjoy the introductory battlebots then this is a great team to join!

Space Grant Consortium

Want to design lunar rovers in the future? Check out the space grant team where you build approximately cat-sized robots to navigate an obstacle course towards a radio beacon in the sand at the Great Sand Dunes National Park. 

Design Pitch Build

Design Pitch Build is the Mines Robotics version of Shark Tank. Design something that will benefit the club or the campus, pitch it to the leaders of the mines robotics club to get funding, and then build it. We typically hand out around $500 a year across all of the different projects that we choose to sponsor!

Mate ROV

[NEW COMPETITION] Design an ROV to complete various underwater obstacles and challenges through the Mate ROV competition. This is a new competition for us to compete in so this is a brand new team, come find your niche!

NRC Autonomous Vehicle

[NEW COMPETITION] The team will design and build a vehicle to navigate an obstacle course autonomously for the National Robotics Competition.

NRC Sumo Bot

[NEW COMPETITION] The Sumo Robot Contest requires a student team to build a self-propelled, autonomous, sensing robot, designed to force another Sumo Robot outside a ring.

Human Robot Interaction Competition

[NEW COMPETITION] Design a robot that interacts with people in a unique way! Still awaiting the finalized 2021 contest details. 

Make MIT

[NEW COMPETITION] MakeMIT is an engineering makeathon that brings together over 250 students who are passionate about designing and building. Across 18+ hours, groups of makers work together to develop an idea and materialize it through the engineering design process.

Meet other enthusiastic makers from across the country, work with cutting edge technology, and turn your crazy ideas into reality!

SHop Improvment Team

The Robotics Space is wonderful for building and storing all of our robots along with a wide arrangement of tools. We have a team of people that oversee the space and conduct safety training. 


There are many ways to volunteer in robotics at a variety of different competitions locally such as FTC, FRC, and VEX. Furthermore, we also do on campus volunteering.