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Welcome, Looking to Quickstart your involvement? Here are some great steps!

  1. Sign up for our email list:
  2.  Come to one our events! Or just stop in! We’re in CoorsTek 249 and usually can be found most weekdays there.
  3.  Join our discord and say hello! 

Welcome to the Mines Robotics Club!

Have you ever said to yourself, “I bet a machine could do that.” We at the Robotics Club certainly have. The Mines Robotics Club is an organization dedicated to learning and advancing the future of robotics through our various teams that go around the country to compete against other schools in robotics design challenges. The club’s overall goals are to teach new members skills of design, electronics, and machining while learning more about how mechanical and electrical systems can be applied in intelligent and organized ways to get desired outputs. Through participation in the robotics club, our members gain valuable technical skills and experiences to help achieve greater heights in their understanding and future careers.