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Revolutionary Aerospace Systems Concept – Academic Linkage is a NASA operated full mission architecture design competition compliant with technical standards and human integrated design. The possible themes for 2019/2020 missions were:

  • South Pole Multi-Purpose Rover
  • International Space Station (ISS) as a Mars Mission Analog
  • Short Surface Stay Mars Mission
  • Commercial Cislunar Space Development
  • Autonomous Utilization and Maintenance for Science Payloads on the Gateway and/or Mars Class Transportation

Mission Architecture and Design is also analyzed based on compatibility with planned NASA missions, unique combinations of new technologies, and realistic assessment of costs and development options.

AIAA at Mines’ 2019/2020 team was Project TErRAIn.

Design Build Fly

Design Build Fly is an official AIAA competition centered around the design, construction, and flight of radio operated aircraft. Competition is based around three components:

  • The preliminary and final report on the aircraft and the design process
  • How well the air frame meets the challenges put forth by the committee in October of each year
  • The performance and flight of the aircraft according to the outlined challenges

These factors are weighted according to a standardized formula to calculate the teams’ final scores. Previous challenges have included aircraft that can carry smaller aircraft, a frame that can fold to fit within a tube, and an air frame that can be quickly reconfigured to hold differing amounts of passengers and cargo.


National AIAA Scholarships

AIAA at Mines members who are paying members of the national AIAA organization may apply for any of the scholarships provided by the AIAA Foundation Undergraduate Scholarships Program. These scholarships range from $500 to $10,000 and are open between October 1st and January 31st of every academic year. Please see this link for more details.

AIAA Diversity Scholars

The AIAA Diversity Scholars Program seeks to provide opportunities for underrepresented university students who have an interest in or are pursuing a degree in aerospace to attend an AIAA forum or event.

AIAA forums and events draw professionals and students from around the world. Scholars will have the opportunity to expand their network, learn about opportunities available in the aerospace industry, and hear from engineers and scientists on the latest research and development findings helping to shape the future of aerospace. Special sessions will also be designed to enhance the scholars’ experience.

Students from underrepresented racial and ethnic groups, gender minorities, individuals with disabilities, individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds, first-generation students, and women have historically been underrepresented in STEM fields therefore, they will receive priority in funding.

Applications are due August 31, 2021. Apply here.


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