About Us


The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics was founded in 1963, and has grown to be the largest aerospace professional network in the world. AIAA focuses on celebrating and encouraging interest and collaboration in the aerospace field and to provide a link to help further develop those interests through opportunities and education. The Colorado School of Mines chapter serves to promote and uphold these ideals while providing a link between aerospace professionals and companies within the area and CSM members.  

What We Do

The CSM chapter of AIAA hosts frequent events and meeting for all CSM students such as movie nights, speaker presentations, information sessions, and other activities.The chapter also provides volunteers to help the the CSM and golden communities.  

AIAA Membership

While events and meetings are open to all CSM students, membership with AIAA provides access to many services and events which are hosted by the organization itself. The yearly $35 membership grants access to:
  • AIAA Symposiums and talks
  • Networking opportunities
  • AIAA Scholarships
  • Aerospace publications
  • Daily aerospace briefings
  • Industry tours
  • AIAA CSM competitions

Contact Us

Bri Treffner
Vice President
Claire Thomas
Nicholas Kistler
Jarod Spencer
Membership Chair
Taryn Tucker
Social Media Chair
Samyuktha Senthilku
Outreach Chair
Jason MacKay 
Mission Specialist
Connor Smith 
Mission Specialist
Julia Harvey