Jamie Regan

DI&A Chair

Hi! My name is Jamie Regan and I am a transfer student pursuing a B.S in electrical engineering. I began my career in aerospace by joining the Navy as an aviation electrician where I spent 3 years in Japan working on F-18’s. After receiving my associate’s degrees at FRCC and RRCC, I decided to transfer to Mines to take my career to the next level by pursuing an electrical engineering degree. When I got to Mines Jamie realized that though Mines has made strides to become more diverse there are still areas that can be improved. I experienced a lack of diversity in the Navy and decided to find ways to support underrepresented students so that the future of engineering is diverse, and no one has to experience what I have. I will be your Diversity, Inclusion & Accessibility co-chair this year, please feel free to reach out!

Email: jregan@mines.edu