Meet the Officers!

Picture of Ashley


“Hey SASE Fam! My name is Ashley Potter and I am currently a senior studying chemistry here at Mines. Some of my hobbies and interests include learning k-pop dances, playing volleyball, and fashion. I love SASE because of the loving community that I have found within the people in SASE. It truly is like a family and am glad to have found some of my best friends through this organization.”

– Ashley Potter

Picture of Brandon


“Hey guys, I’m Brandon! I’m a senior studying Geological Engineering. In my free time I love art, cooking, playing the piano, and every sport under the sun. My favorite thing about SASE is the community. SASE is where I feel like I belong the most being a strong community of people with similar experiences to me, and I’ve made many of my best friends in college through SASE.”

– Brandon Poy

Picture of Will Jang

Internal Vice President

“What’s popping SASEFAM, my name is Will Jang and I am a 3rd year majoring in Computer Science going into the cybersecurity path. Some things I love to do would be any sports, cooking, gaming, watching anime, kpop dancing, beatboxing, and playing piano/ukelele. To me, SASE feels like a second home where I can call all my friends my family. I’m happy/proud to be a member of SASE and watching the community grow larger and larger always puts a smile on my face :)”

– Will Jang

picture of Zaid

External Vice President

“Hey SASEFAM! I’m Zaid Safian a 3rd year studying civil engineering with a focus on structural! I work a lot in the MEP orgs through Kickstart and SASE, and additionally I am the Junior representative in Undergraduate Student Government. I love music, thrifting, cooking, and being around my friends and I am so excited to get to know my SASE FAM more. I’m eternally grateful for the SASE community we built up through years of work and I am always willing to be a resource for whatever any of you need!” 

– Zaid Safian

Picture of Amii Lamm


“Hi, my name is Amii! I’m a senior majoring in engineering physics and the treasurer for SASE this year. I’m also a TA in the physics department and work for the Industrial Assessment Center. I got involved in SASE through the Cultural Festival Committee, and since then I’ve loved the strong sense of community and belonging I have here. I love cooking, hiking, and I recently started aikido. I’m always down for a conversation about nuclear physics!”

– Amii Lamm

Picture of Calsten


“What’s good SASE Fam! My name is Calsten Zenetti, a 4th year studying Mechanical Engineering. I love playing a bunch of sports and video games. SASE is a super cool community! I really enjoy spending time with each other because they are willing to support me in a lot of ways! I am glad that I could be apart of this community and I want everyone to feel the same way!”

– Calsten Zenetti

Picture of Carl Osis

Social Chair

“Hello (▰˘◡˘▰) I’m Carl, and I’m a sophomore currently studying Computer Science (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Some of my hobbies include reading and music. I love SASE because of the sense of community that has been built on campus, and it’s also nice to see some familiar faces every now and then as well as meeting and making new friends ♡”

– Carl Osis

picture of Aeneas

Media Chair

“What’s up sasefam! My name is Aeneas and I am a sophomore studying computer science with a focus in software engineering. My hobbies include video games, photography, and shopping for clothes. I love Sase because it led me to a community I had been seeking to be apart of. It is safe to say I have found lifelong friendships and advanced my soft skills in this organization.”

– Aeneas Penaflor

picture of sebastion

Volunteer Chair

“Hey everyone! My name is Sebastion Jamili, I’m a 3rd year in chemical engineering and am the volunteer chair for SASE! I like weightlifting, playing video games, and playing basketball. SASE is an amazing community that brings all these different cultures together and I am happy to call it a second family.”

– Sebastion Jamili

Picture of Catie Carmosino

Festival Chair

“Hi SASE family! My name is Catie Carmosino, and I’m a junior studying Quantitative Biosciences and Engineering. When I’m not dying with schoolwork, I crochet amigurumi, little trinkets, and macrame for my plants. I’m a HUGE plant lover, and I’m currently doing research in an algae biofuel lab! I also adore flowers and will press petals and ry out bouquets before winter kills them all. I’m not a huge shopper but when I do I really enjoy thrifting. I love SASE for the community and the opportunities it brings. The people here love spending time with one another and connecting; I especially love getting food or boba with everyone@ The meetings and conferences bring a variety of companies for students to connect with and it’s especially rewarding making relationships with an asian society in the industry.”

– Catie Carmosino

Picture of Gabi

Festival Chair

“Hello! My name is Gabrielle Hadi and I am currently a junior studying computer science at Mines. My interests are guitar and rock climbing. Other clubs I’m involved with are Mines Little Theatre and Kickstart, which means I’m always on campus. I joined SASE because of the amazing community it has and the friends I have made are amazing.”

– Gabi Hadi

Picture of Puujee Amarsanaa

Outreach Chair

“Hello SASE members! My name is Purevdorj Amarsanaa, and I am currently a junior studying Computer Science at the Colorado School of Mines. A few of my hobbies/interests include sci-fi movies, ultimate frisbee, and guitar. Finally, I love SASE for its truly welcoming community that wishes to see you succeed in every step of your journey and for allowing me to meet my closest friends; without a doubt, one of the best decisions I have made since entering college.”

– Puujee Amarsanaa

Picture of Rem

Conference Chair

“Hello everyone! My name is Rem and I’m a computer science senior at Mines. I’ve been with SASE since I came to Mines as it’s one of few organizations here that lets me find and connect with other students like me. Outside of school I enjoy cooking, museums, video games, and more. Please don’t hesitate to reach out for any reason!”

– Rem Zhang

picture of Indy

Student Advisors

“Hello everyone! I’m Indiana Sjahputera, and this year I’ll be serving as one of the Alumni Advisors for Mines SASE. This past May, I graduated from Mines with a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering and a Minor in Leadership in Social Responsibility, and now am doing a Master’s in Advanced Energy Systems.
Currently, I also am the Program Coordinator for the SASE West Team and was a Programming Committee Volunteer for the 2023 SASE National Convention. Last year, I served as the President for Mines SASE, and because I have gotten so much out of being involved in SASE at the collegiate level for the past four years, I’m happy to help advise this current Executive Board to help empower more Asians leaders for success.”
– Indiana Sjahputera


Picture of Kayla

Student Advisor

“My name is Kayla Benson and I am an alumni advisor for SASE! I did my undergraduate degree at Mines in Environmental Engineering and am currently pursuing my Masters degree in Natural Resources and Energy Policy. SASE is a program at Mines that changed my life for the better, both professionally and personally. I wanted to serve as alumni advisor to pay forward my time in the program to future generations! A little about me: I really love traveling, art museums, musical theatre, and reading! I have been to over 20 countries in total and read over 75 books in 2023 alone!”

– Kayla Benson

Picture of Nghia

Student equity program Representative

Hey SASE fam, I’m Nghia, a 3rd year in engineering physics. My hobbies include playing video games and messing with electronics. I love SASE because it helped me reach out to more people. Because of that, I’ve met some of my closest friends.

– Nghia Van


– Holly Eklund

– Jim Wong

– Scott Strong


    If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact one of our presidents at or