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Introductory Battlebots



The Mines BattleBots Competition is a competition set for new members of the club to dip their toes into the commitments and challenges faced by all members in all aspects and teams of the club. Each BattleBots team assembled must make a 1 lbs BattleBot that can fight to the death or put up a fight long enough to continue in the competition. The last team standing wins! Are you up for the challenge?! 

Galley from last Year

Hype Video

How to join

1. Join the battlebots email list (which is separate from the larger robotics mailing list) for the latest news and announcements.

2. Check out the proposed rules for this year (but understand that these are subject to change at any time without notice until the start of the competition)

3. Come to the interest meeting in early September

4. Fill out the forms that you are sent during the interest meeting to join. 

5. Join the slack channels and meet up with your team to start designing!

Intro Battlebots Questions?