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Society of Women in Chemistry ♀️ Allies

Our purpose:

  • To grow a community that supports the professional and personal development of female and non-binary students in chemistry and chemistry related fields at the Colorado School of Mines
  • To create dialogue around topics such as being a woman in science, family, and career choices and connect with other female and non-binary students in chemistry at other institutions
  • To inspire K-12 students to learn about chemistry through community outreach

What We Do

  • Breakfasts with the Chemistry Department’s invited seminar speakers on select Friday mornings:
    • Free breakfast and coffee
    • Networking with invited scientists and peers
  • Finals Study Events
    • Free chemistry tutors for club members before finals
  • Community Outreach and Collaboration:
    • Participant in the Society of Women Engineers ‘Girls Lead the Way’ Event: introducing high school girls to STEM learning opportunities on the Mines campus
    • Partnered with the American Chemical Society to participate in Nightmare on Greek Street: a Mines community trick or treat event 
  • Social Events:
    • i.e. annual pumpkin carving in October

Connect with Us

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