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The Rocket Club

Colorado School of Mines

High Power Rocketry

 The Rocket Club is a student organization at the Colorado School of Mines aimed at exploring rocketry and aerospace in an accessible way for all students. We each make our own individual high power rockets in all shapes and sizes by hand, and teach our new members how they can build their own rockets. At the monthly rocket launches organized by Tripoli Rocketry, our members launch their own rockets and get certified to fly bigger and more awesome rocket motors.

Lab times are on Tuesdays and Fridays from 5-7 pm in the Brown Building Makerspace Blaster Design Factory BBW255 (where the 3D printers are on the 2nd floor of Brown Building). Feel free to attend as many or as little of these labs as you want, anytime during those hours. Our club officers are always there to help!


An image of a clip art cartoony rocket.
An image of the NASA Vehicle Assembly Building.

About Us

An image of the Space Shuttle Launching.


An image of a confused Ikea Man with a broken rocket.


Connect with Us

Simply come to any of our lab times whenever you can! If you have specific questions, please email Club President Dane Harnisch at

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