Water Projects


the location: , near los gomez, nicaragua

The community of Ochomogo is located in rural Nicaragua near the west coast, close to Los Gomez. It is located in the Carazo region and has a population of around 240 people, split between 66 homes. This community is primarily made up of farmers and ranchers that rely on the cycle of wet and dry seasons in the region to grow their crops. The people of Los Gomez spend a lot of free time playing baseball and enjoying family meals. The town has electrical infrastructure, but is susceptible to outages, especially in the wet seasons. They are heavily dependent on unreliable, shallow wells, or unsafe surface water, and they predominately use pit latrines. To address this concern, MWB is working with the community to build a well and water distribution system.


In 2012, MWB started working with the community of Ochomogo, Nicaragua, and discussions with the community at that time started a project to build a footbridge to cross a river during the wet season. MWB continued work with Los Gomez in March 2014 with the proposed water distribution system. Nearly 83% of Los Gomez residents lack both accessible and clean water, and the dry season only exaggerates the existing poor water conditions. In March 2016, MWB traveled to the community to determine the most beneficial development project. An overwhelming majority of the community agreed to build a clean, accessible and sustainable source of water, prompting the Los Gomez Water Project. They have continued work since then.

  • Design and build a water distribution system that provides the community with a clean, reliable, and accessible source of water
  • Create and continue a strong, lasting relationship with Los Gomez
  • Potentially inspire future projects to support local communities like Los Gomez
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Solar Projects



Kikholo, Uganda is found in the Budada district of eastern Uganda which has a population of 210,173. Kikholo itself has a daytime population of 2,000 people, and most go back to their villages at night. It has no running water, but a small, polluted river that runs through it. There are three schools in close proximity to the community, along with two medical clinics, and most business involves the selling of basic foods and ingredients.


  • With an electricity grid that is unreliable and sees frequent outages, design and install solar-powered street lights
  • Increase general safety with a better-lit community
  • Increase productivity with extended business hours into the evening