General Information

What We Look For

Member Requirements

Tryout Info Poster
  • Time and desire to be committed to a competitive team
  • Positive attitude
  • Kindness and respect to fellow team members and coaches
  • At least 6 months of climbing experience (for questions or exceptions contact us)
  • Ability to receive, interpret, and implement input and advice
  • Dedication and desire to improve
  • General climbing ability (each season climbers from a variety of skill levels are selected to create a well-rounded team)
  • Self-motivation and work put into climbing outside of practices
  • Compete in at least one USA Climbing Competition each semester¬†
  • Attend at least one practice each week
  • Attend at least one Mines climbing outreach event each semester
  • Purchase all required team materials (Jersey, USA Climbing membership, membership dues, competition entry fees)

Tryout schedules will be released at the beginning of every semester. Member requirements may change. All changes will be communicated to current team members and all season requirements and expectations will be communicated to prospective team members during the tryout process. For any questions, see the contact page.