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About Infinity Club

Our Mission

Infinity Club is a new organization at Mines that aims to advocate for neurodiversity and provide support and a community to Mines’ neurodiverse population and their allies.

The goals of Infinity Club are:

  • To create a safe and inclusive space for neurodivergent people and allies
  • To provide neurodivergent people with support and a community
  • To advocate for neurodiversity, and help educate the public on what neurodiversity is and what it means to be neurodivergent.

Infinity Club will plan regular socials and events where members can connect and network with other neurodivergent people, share resources and strategies, as well as allow members to “unmask” in a safe space.

Workshops and informational meetings will also be planned based around educating and supporting members with neurodiversity-related topics.

Infinity Club also maintains an online forum/bulletin board that allows members to interact outside of scheduled meetings.

Lastly, Infinity Club will run neurodiversity advocacy campaigns, with a goal of educating Mines students and faculty on the meaning of neurodiversity, to dispel many of its stereotypes and misconceptions, and to display what it truly means to be neurodiverse.