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Our Mission

Our IEEE Student Chapter seeks to educate and foster the next generation of engineers by allowing the students to engage with employers and encourage participation in out-of-classroom education in the Electrical Engineering field.

Meet our Executive Team

Dr. Micheal Wakin

Dr. Micheal Wakin

Faculty Advisor

Prof. Wakin is an IEEE Fellow and a Professor in the Electrical Engineering department at Mines. His research and teaching interests include mathematical models and algorithms for signal and data processing.

Olivia Zindel

Olivia Zindel


I am a third year student here at Mines studying Electrical Engineering with a focus on Integrated Systems, Computer Engineering, and Electronics. You can reach me at ozindel@mines.edu with any questions you may have about IEEE, our events, or what it means to join our club!

Elyse Franklin

Elyse Franklin

Vice Chair

I’m a first year Electrical Engineering major at Mines. I enjoy reading, drawing, and crocheting in my free time. I’m interested in getting involved with the Electrical Engineering Department on Campus, and I’m really excited about growing IEEE here. I’m hoping to help with event planning as well as affiliation with the national IEEE. I’d love to work on sending some members to conferences.

Cynthia Zakhem


Sophia Giglio


Joseph Browner


Ethan Roberts

Project Lead

Adelaide Yu

Campus Outreach Chair

Walton Mayfield

Semester Lead

Micheal Le

Conference Lead

Aaron Siegle

Community Outreach Chair