Who We Are

We are a group of passionate and dedicated students who are revving up to compete in the Formula SAE (FSAE) competition. The FSAE competition is an international collegiate engineering challenge where student teams design, build, and race small, formula- style race cars. The competition consists of various events, including static events like design presentations and cost analysis, as well as dynamic events such as acceleration, skid pad, autocross, and endurance racing. FSAE provides students with hands-on experience in engineering, teamwork, project management, and motorsport, fostering innovation and preparing them for careers in the automotive industry.

Our Competition

The FSAE competition is a transformative experience for students, offering a wide range of benefits, challenges, and diverse events that help shape their educational and career journeys.
Benefits for Students:

    1. Real-World Engineering Experience: FSAE provides students with a unique opportunity to apply classroom knowledge to practical engineering challenges. They gain hands-on experience in designing, manufacturing, and testing a race car, which is invaluable in preparing them for future engineering careers.
    2. Teamwork and Collaboration: Building a Formula SAE car requires collaboration among students from various engineering disciplines, simulating the multidisciplinary nature of the automotive industry. Students learn to work as a team, share responsibilities, and leverage each other’s strengths.
    3. Project Management: FSAE teams must manage budgets, timelines, and resources effectively. This experience teaches students project management skills, a vital skill in any professional field.
    4. Innovation and Problem-Solving: Designing a competitive FSAE car demands creativity and innovation. Students must solve complex engineering problems, make trade-offs, and refine their designs to maximize performance within budget constraints.
    5. Networking and Industry Exposure: Competing in FSAE provides students with opportunities to connect with industry professionals, potential employers, and fellow students from around the world. It can lead to internships, job offers, and collaborations.

Different Events:

FSAE competitions typically consist of various events that test different aspects of the car’s performance and the team’s engineering capabilities:

    1. Static Events:
        • Design Presentation: Teams must explain the rationale behind their car’s design choices to a panel of judges.
        • Cost Analysis: Students prepare a cost report, demonstrating their ability to manage a budget.
    2. Dynamic Events:
        • Acceleration: Evaluates the car’s straight-line speed and acceleration.
        • Skid Pad: Tests the car’s lateral acceleration and handling.
        • Autocross: A time-trial event that assesses the car’s agility and handling on a tight course.
        • Endurance Race: A grueling endurance race that assesses the car’s reliability, fuel efficiency, and overall performance.
        • Fuel Efficiency: Judges the car’s fuel economy during a specific event.
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