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Ask for Forgiveness… Not Permission.

Welcome to the Evolve Entrepreneurship Club!

Here, we uphold a philosophy that resonates deeply with the entrepreneurial spirit –

“Ask for Forgiveness… Not Permission.”

In a world where progress hinges on the audacity to challenge norms and break free from constraints, our club stands as a haven for those who believe in forging their own paths, who are willing to take risks, and who embrace opportunities. Here, we cultivate an environment that celebrates unconventional thinking, empowers visionary ideas, and encourages members to seize opportunities without waiting for validation.

Join us in redefining the contours of entrepreneurship, where passion fuels our journey toward a future brimming with innovation and achievement.


Blaster carrying flowers at commencement
Two students high-fiving on a slack line

About Us

Mines students during the M Climb


Group of MAC students


Mines students at Oredigger camp

What is Evolve all about?

“So really it’s about supporting those students who have their own dreams, their own passions, and who like to solve problems… and giving them opportunities, a network, and educational resources so that way they can compete in the hypercompetitive field of entrepreneurship.”

– Jessie Fehrenbach, Club President (22-23)


Connect with Us

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at

We hope to see you soon! 🙂