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Mines Theme Park Engineering and Design Group


The Theme Park Engineering and Design (TPED) Group at Colorado School of Mines is an organization open to all students interested in and/or aspiring to work in the niche industry of amusement attraction design, engineering, and operation/management. The organization offers chances to grow as a young professional and network with others that share the same passion.

Who should get involved in MINES TPED?

Anyone who has the slight interest in theme park engineering and design should join! The term “interest” encompasses a huge range; TPED is open to people who may have ridden a few rides and want to learn more, people who love everything Disney, people who want to ride as many roller coasters as possible, people who have always wanted to pursue a career in the design of amusement rides and attractions, and everyone in-between.

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Also if you have any questions feel free to contact Jalen Thomas at jalenthomas@mines.edu