Fall 2020 Meetings


Weekly Meetings & Events

Our weekly meetings will be provided virtually for the Fall 2020 semester due to Covid-19 restrictions. Below is the line up for the meetings this semester. Once the meeting has been recorded, a link will be provided under ‘Meeting Recordings’ in case you can’t make it. The password is located in the weekly SWEmails. Most events will be held virtually, but we will have some of the special events in person (with Covid-19 accommodations in place)!

Wednesday Meetings are at Noon 


September 2 Virtual
Welcome to SWE!
Meet new SWE-ple at the first fall meeting.


September 9 Virtual
Navigating Your Job Search
Reed Kremer
CapTech Consulting  

September 14 Virtual
Evening with Industry – 5:00 pm
Enjoy networking with recruiters the day
before career fair.

September 16 Virtual
Managing Stress, Anxiety, and
Depression through Resilience at Mines
Lauren Jensen
Mines Health Center 

September 17 Virtual
Generational Differences in the Workplace:
Experiences from a Millennial Manager
Deb Ryan

September 23 Virtual
Women Engineers Deliver on
America’s Best Idea!
Jodie Peterson and Kristie Franzmann
National Parks Service  

September 30 Virtual
Exploring 5G Technology
Katie Collins
Charter Communications  

October 3 Virtual
Girls on the Rise
Support middle school girls interested in
STEM at this fun half day event.  

October 7 Virtual
Chevron Lecture
Dr. Corrine Lengsfeld
Denver University  

October 14 Virtual
Consulting as an Alternate Career Path
Jen McAdams, Shelly Lane, and Erica West
Woodridge Software  

October 15 Virtual
Resume Workshop
Seagate Technology

October 21 Virtual
SWEet Success: Leveraging
Transferable Skills for SWE
Leadership and Your Career
Heather Doty
Ball Aerospace

October 28 Petroleum Hall (GC)
Halloween Meeting
Enjoy snacks and crafting with
other SWE-ple


November 4 Virtual
Why Grad School and Tips for Applying
Mines Graduate Admissions


November 11 Virtual
Intern to New Hire – What I Wish
I Would’ve Known
Emily Nielson
Lockheed Martin


November 14 Virtual
Girl Scout Engineering Day
Support girl scouts interested in STEM
at this fun half day event.

November 18 Virtual
Forensic Engineering as a Career Path
Nathan Rose and Neal Carter 
Luminous Forensics

November 19 Virtual
Women in Engineering Career Panel
Sierra Nevada Corporation


December 2 Friedhoff 1
Holiday Cookie Party
Enjoy celebrating the holidays and
decorating cookies with SWE!


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