Mines Internet Radio DJs will get an hour long weekly radio show in the MIR studio located in the student center. DJs have the creative freedom to either play the music of their liking, do a hour long podcast style show, or do a combination of the two.

DJs have access to professional microphones, headphones and an AUX cord BUT they are required to bring their own device to play music off of if they wish to play music. This could be a laptop, phone, or any other device with a standard 3.5mm jack. Music can be played from any application including Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Google Play Music etc. 

DJs will be paired up with a Producer that will assist them in running the radio show by managing the sound board and the station server. Many MIR DJs are also Producers! If you are also interested in being a Producer please fill out the MIR producer form as well!

Please fill out the the form by clicking the button below.