Organization Ally Network

Below are organizations who have completed the Colorado School of Mines SAFEzone Ally Training. Please feel free to contact the people below if you have any questions regarding their respective areas. They are organized by earliest date.

Career Center (July 2018)
Debbie Behnfield, Recruitment Coordinator ———
Duygu Yalaz, Undergraduate Career Advisor ———
James Saulsbury, Assistant Director of Recruiting and Employer Relations ——
Jean Manning-Clark, Director of Career Center and Employer Relations —–
L. Jane Cain, Career Services Representative ——
Lisa Clark, Graduate Student Career Advisor ——
Wendy Winter-Searcy, Associate Director of Career Center Advising and Professional Development ——

REC Center (January 2017)
Becca Deegan-Young, Director of Fitness —–
Rob Thompson, Assistant Athletic Director/Director of Recreation Sports —–

Residence Life Live-In Staff (September 2016)
Brent Waller, Director of Residence Life and Housing —–
Mary Elliott, Associate Director of Residence Life + oSTEM Advisor —–

Peer Mentor Program (August 2016)
Jenn Mazzotta, Director of Student Activites —–
Jessica Keefer, Academic Advising Coordinator for C.A.S.A. —–