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Upcoming Events

21 October, 2022 7pm

Location: Freidhoff, green center

Family & freinds weekend: Showcase!

MLT’s first showcase of the year! Talented folks from across campus come together to perform for the community during Family & Friends Weekend at Mines.

You can perform anything, including singing, skits, monologues, talent demonstrations, etc. The only limit is your imagination!

We will have a sneak peek scene from each of our fall shows, and we often have acapella groups on campus perform as well.

We do ask folks to ‘audition’, not to asses/judge talent, but to vet potential performances as community members pay to attend this event. 

November 12th & 13th

Performance: Too Fabulous to Fail

This show is a wild comedy about a small town actress who has moved to New York City and has decided that life is musical. However, her commitment to her various roles gets her into a few scrapes. Anyone in need of break from the real world will love this crazy funny show!

November 19th & 20th

Performance: Almost, Maine

The world works in mysterious ways, especially in Almost, Maine. This show is a series of surreal vignettes all centered around the life-altering power of the human heart. This is the perfect show for anyone looking for a little bit of magic!