Heathers: The Musical

Warnings, Content, & Resources.

April 21, 22, & 23rd, 2023 at 7pm + 1pm matinee on april 22nd

Location: bunker auditorium, green center  –  924 16th St, Golden

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This show uses Low Risk Lighting.

This show will use haze. Lighting will not include strobe effects, but may not be suitable for viewers with extreme photosensitivity.


Suicide / Abuse / Violence

Suicide and Crisis Hotlines in Colorado:     1-800-SUICIDE (784-2433)

The 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline:     Call or text 988

Crisis Text Line:     Text HOME to 741741

They offer help for gun violence, anxiety, eating disorders, depression, suicide, & self-harm.

 National Domestic Violence Hotline:     1.800.799.SAFE (7233)     Text “START” to 88788

They also offer information & resources on their website.

CARE at Mines:     Crisis Assessment, Response and Education At Mines


Originally written and released in the 80’s, Heathers contains artifacts of the stigma against the LGBTQIA+ community in the US. Mines Little Theatre does not encourage this behavior in real life. Instead, please realize the impact upon the portrayed characters, and take it as an example of what not to do.

Hearing and seeing negative depictions of LGBTQIA+ people can lead us to internalise these negative messages. Some characters in Heathers have internalized homophobia, which you can read more about here.

In Heathers, many characters are bystanders to offensive jokes and slurs. We encourage you to not follow this example, and instead speak up. Here is how you can do so.

You can also contact oSTEM, the official organization at Mines for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people (LGBTQ+), as well as straight supporters & allies.

Specific Content Warnings:   (Contains Spoilers)

Death / Murder

Multiple deaths and murders occur in both Act I and Act II.


There are many mentions of faked suicide and two attempted suicides by Heather Mac and Martha.

Sexual Assault

Veronica is sexually assaulted by Kurt and Ram. 

Mentions of Child Abuse

JD is physically and verbally abused by his father and Kurt/Ram are abused by their fathers.


Many swear words are used including multiple instances of “fuck”.


No fake vomit is used. Occurs during BeautifulBig Fun.

Gun Violence

Recorded gunshot sounds are used in the show. JD kills two people with a pistol.


There are two instances of simulated sex in this show, both in Act I.

Mentions of Eating Disorders

Heather Mac & Martha are bullied around this topic, anorexic habits/actions are mentioned.

Alcohol constumption

Big Fun contains numerous instances.

Fatphobia & Body Shaming

Kurt and Ram make offensive comments to Martha. It is mentioned a few times through the show, mostly in the first act. Martha is ruthlessly shamed for being overweight and Veronica is nagged about being slightly over size “0”.

Musical Numbers

Act One


Candy Store

Fight For Me

Freeze Your Brain

Big Fun

Dead Girl Walking

The Me Inside Of Me

You’re Welcome

Never Shut Up Again

Our Love is God

Act Two

My Dead Gay Son


Shine a Light


Shine a Light (Reprise)

I Say No

Kindergarten Boyfriend

Yo Girl

Meant to be Yours

Dead Girl Walking (Reprise)

I Am Damaged

Seventeen (Reprise)