Performing Arts Club

Mines Little Theatre

The only fully student-run performing arts club on campus with multiple performance & tech opportunities throughout the semester.

How to participate



At the start of each semester, come to our audition days! They are cold-read & walk-in, so there’s no need to prepare a monologue or make an appointment.

We also have performance showcases throughout the year. You can perform anything, including singing, skits, monologues, talent demonstrations, etc.


We have technical theatre meetings twice a week. The time commitment is what you make of it! Other than our division leads, you are able to help whenever works for you, in whatever area you are interested in. As always, we need extra help in the 2 weeks before a performance!

Location: Chauvenet 150W -> Wednesday 4:30-7pm and Saturday 10am-12pm


We have social meetings multiple times throughout the semester! Free food, movie nights, board games, climbing meetups, the possibilities are endless. You can come to these even if you haven’t been involved in the club before!

Performing April 20-23, Bunker Auditorium


Directed By: Susie matthews

Musical Direction By: Patrice leblanc

Choreography: Kristine bachicha

Stage Manager: Mattew V. & Chris S.

Assistant Stage Manager: Abi R.

Welcome to Westerberg High where Veronica Sawyer is just another nobody dreaming of a better day. But when she joins the beautiful and impossibly cruel Heathers and her dreams of popularity may finally come true, mysterious teen rebel JD teaches her that it might kill to be a nobody, but it is murder being a somebody…

Wickedly funny and with dazzling book, music and lyrics by Kevin Murphy and Laurence O’Keefe, HEATHERS THE MUSICAL is based on the 1988 cult hit, that starred Winona Ryder and Christian Slater, and produced by Bill Kenwright and Paul Taylor-Mills. With direction from Andy Fickman and electrifying choreography by Gary Lloyd, this is one class production you can’t afford to skip.

Join a Community of Mines students

Mines Little Theatre had more than 70 of our members participate in performances & events last semester. Our crew size is small enough that there’s always a way to help out, and our casts are small while giving everyone an opportunity to perform. In the fall we have two shows with an average cast size of 12, and in the spring we have a musical with 20-30 performers. Showcase size can vary.