Teams are at the core of the CSM Mine Rescue club. Active members become close friends and are very supportive of each other both in competetion and as students at Mines. We are always looking for new members!

Blue Team (Veteran)

Comprised of the Team’s most experienced members. These individuals are    role models & teachers for others in the club.

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White Team (Recruit)

A team for new/prospective members to gain experience for competetion.

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Recent Events:

UBC- Feb 19-21, 2020

UBC is held in Vancouver, Canada with competitors across the international community. Hosted by the University of British Columbia, this competition was a comprehensive test of the skills necessary  for success in a mining emergency.  The CSM Mine Rescue Team placed second in first aid, and overall at this compitetion. 

Smuggler Mine - NOV 2020

The Smuggler Mine training exercise was held through the State of Colorado, MSHA, and the Front Range Mine Rescue Team. This was a drill in an actual mine, allowing professionals the chance to gain practice and experience while bettering the skills of the CSM Mine Rescue Team.  CANCELLED DUE TO COVID

Loveland - Aug 12-17, 2020

This was a regional competition with professional teams held in Loveland, CO.  These opportunities help the club strengthen their connection with local rescue teams and better themselves for future competitions. CANCELED DUE TO COVID

Montana Tech - September 2021

10 members of the team traveled to Montana Tech to compete in their first ever Mine Rescue Competetion. It was a great learning experience as things reopened after covid. 

Smuggler Mine - November 2021

The Smuggler Mine in Aspen,CO is home to one of the largest mines in the United States. During it’s operation, Miners could enter the Smuggler Mine and travel underneath the city of Aspen to emerge on the other side of the valley through the Comprimise Mine. This weekend long training alongside industry professionals helped us further our skills in communication, first aid, technical rescue, and exploring a mine in heavy smoke.