President/Chief Tech: Tobias Chen


Vice President: Raymond Tsukada

Hey there! I’m Ray Tsukada, and I proudly hold the role of Vice President within the Colorado School of Mines Mine Rescue Team (CSMMRT). Additionally, I serve as the Co-Captain of the Blue Team. In my capacity, I’m dedicated to supporting all our officers, with a special focus on collaborating closely with the President. What truly excites me about this remarkable club is its ability to impart knowledge that extends beyond the confines of college. I am looking forward to meeting you!!

Treasurer: Isabel Hernandez

Administration: JC Maring

Hi everyone! I’m JC Maring, and I am your Administration Officer for the CSM MRT. I am originally from southeastern Minnesota and am majoring in Mining Engineering. My job is to make sure the club stays organized (physically and digitally) and keep our Bylaws up to SAIL standards as well. Within the team, I’ve pursued special interests in the Gas Man role on the team along with the tech side of things with the MX6. I love the community we have on our team and the travel opportunities are a ton of fun too! 

Trainer: Joe Wyshel

“Mining, Mining, and more Mining!”

Medical Officer: Anders Tempel

Hi! I’m Anders Tempel, the Chief Medical Officer for the CSM Mine Rescue Club. I am responsible for helping club members learn first aid and perform in the first aid aspects of competition. I became interested in Mine Rescue because of my background in emergency medicine, and hope to teach other members important, lifesaving skills! I hope to see you at the next meeting!