The Blaster Design Factory is a home to all students, faculty, alumni, and visitors of Mines. This space is operated by the student organization Maker Society with the mission to create a workspace where “anyone can make anything” with no barriers to entry; even if you’ve never made something before, the BDF has the resources for you to start your creative journey. The BDF (Blaster Design Factory) has Space Captains available weekdays 10am-2pm who provide instruction for using the makerspace tools, project ideation and direction, and a great Mines campus informational resource.

BDF Resources


You can create etchings, builds, and fine details from sourced files or create your own (even hand-drawn!). Free materials, wood, acrylic and some metals, are available under the machine’s table.

3D printers

3D print to your heart’s content!

Electronics Station

Utilize our oscilloscope, soldering iron, function generator and power supply to craft circuitry

Embroidery Machine

Use preset images or bring your own to embroider onto clothing

Heat Press

Iron on any patches or make a custom t-shirt using our vinyl cutter

Vinyl Cutter

Create custom stickers or t-shirts