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Popular Workshops


Customize your fabric with the professional CNC embroidery machine with preset or your own designs!

Sticker Making

Create your own stickers from web images or designs of your own! If you have extra stickers please post on the sticker board to share your creativity!

Custom t-shirt making

Ever wanted a custom T-Shirt? Have a great idea? This workshop is for you! Decide on a design, make a computer version of the design, and show up. We will help you with the rest.

Laser cutter / engraver

Learn how to operate the Glowforge in the Blaster Design Factory! Useful for cutting and engraving certain plastics and thin wood with a handmade or found design.

3D printing

Our most popular workshop is 3D printing. Once you have learned how to use our 3D printer you are officially certified!

3D Printing is FREE

Arduino Intro

Learn the basics of using and coding arduino boards. Come for coding and wiring help if you’ve hit a project snag.

Machine Shop

Senior Design

The Hot Shop

Tool Library

Digger Design Lab

EDS Woodshop

Spaces on campus

Here are some of the many makerspaces on campus and what they do.

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