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donations & fundraising

Donations are only allowed in the form of services or tangible goods as long as the following criteria is met
1. Donations of your time are allowed
2. Donations of items are allowed as long as they are made to fully accredited charities and:
     a. The total cost of the items is equal or less to the total amount of time volunteer for the event, calculated a number of hours volunteered times number people volunteering times minimum wage in Colorado
     b. All items donated must abide by our regular purchasing rules – no alcohol, tobacco, firearms, political or religious items, etc.
     c. The donation has been cleared by the SAIL office prior to the event

Please, remember that you are representing Mines and must abide by all rules, regulations and align
with Mines’ values and mission. Make sure to clear your event through the SAIL office before
proceeding with any type of donation. Thank you.



Looking to hosting a fundraiser? Here are the most common fundraisers we see on campus from student orgs.
If your event doesn’t fall under any of this categories, please email Begoña Ruiz at bruiz@mines.edu to set up an appointment.

Funds go to your club and are deposited into your index through SAIL
     a. ON CAMPUS
          i. SELLING ITEMS
                If you are selling any tangible items (food, glass ornaments, flowers, etc.), make sure to include whether or not tax is included in the price
                All tangible items are subjected to 7.5% tax and you need to clearly state it on your ads (i.e. 7.5% tax included in price) – this includes Daily Blast and posters prior to the event, as well as sandwich boards by your stand the day of the event
                You can request a cashbox
                You can request a portable credit card reader
                         a. Form can be accessed Here
                         b. You can fill out the form and take it to the cashier’s office.
                         c. You are responsible for the credit card terminal and need to be careful when handling. If damaged, your organization will have to pay for the replacement.

                You must deposit all money collected through SAIL, within 2 business days of your event
                Credit card payments are subjected to a fee by the credit card company that will be deducted from your sales total
                You can only collect money in cash, by check, with the portable credit card terminal or by having a CashNet page
                No other types of money payments are allowed (no Venmo, Zelle, or similar)
                No alcohol, firearms, tobacco, etc.
          ii. TICKETS TO EVENTS
                Tickets to events where you are not charging for tangible items are non taxable
                Example: If you are providing light snacks during a cultural show with performances, the tickets for the event are non taxable
                Example: If you are providing a variety of foods that are more than just a few light snacks, your tickets are taxable for the fair market value of the food provided. If food is one of the main components of your event the full price of the ticket is taxable

     i. At a restaurant that will donate part of the proceeds to your organization
           The agreement with the restaurant must be submitted to bruiz@mines.edu at least 3 weeks prior to the event
           Please, do not sign or submit any online agreements as you could be personally liable for the terms and conditions of the agreement
     ii. At a venue
           Send the venue’s contract to bruiz@mines.edu at least 3 weeks prior to the event. The contract will be handled by the School and we will communicate with the vendor directly.
          All other rules apply (money collected needs to be deposited through SAIL within 2 business days, price must state tax if applicable, no alcohol or other non allowable items allowed to be purchased with your BSO index, etc.)

Funds are collected directly by an officer of the guest organization and the officer of that
organization is present during the event and running the event

a. You can request to host an organization on campus that will be fundraising

b. Please, email bruiz@mines.edu at least 4 weeks prior to the event with as much information on the event as possible and any agreements needed for the event, as well as the name and email address of the representative who will be in charge of signing the agreement and the representative who will be running the event on campus
c. Campus clubs and organizations are NOT allowed to collect money on behalf of a third party organization, nor can they donate money to a third party organization
d. Money cannot go through a campus club or org. at any point. Third party organization must run and collect the money directly