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Governing Bodies

Board of Student Organizations

The Board of Student Organizations is a governing body whose purpose is to aid the over 200 student led clubs on the Colorado School of Mines campus. Our primary goal is to facilitate clubs in their success and longevity. It is our responsibility to register active clubs, provide all necessary tools, and assist in any way needed. 

InterFraternity & Panhellenic Councils

The Interfraternity Council and Panhellenic Council advance and support fraternity & sorority life on campus, and provide leadership to the entire community. 

Undergraduate Student Government

Undergraduate Student Government at the Colorado School of Mines is the recognized organization that delivers the voice of the student body to the Faculty, Administrators, and the Board of Trustees.

Graduate Student Government

The Graduate Student Government (GSG) is governing body of graduate students at Colorado School of Mines. The GSG Council is composed of one graduate student representative from each academic department offering graduate degree programs.

Board of Student Media

This organization covers media groups at Mines, such as Mines Internet Radio, and The OreDigger, the Campus Newspaper.

Mines Activities Council

MAC is the sole programming board on campus. They are responsible for the acclaimed campus traditions like Homecoming and E-Days as well as other popular events like Oktoberfest, movie nights, comedians, tailgates, and block parties. MAC is comprised of 10 undergraduates whose primary passion is developing a signature experience for students while they are at Mines.

Student Athletic Advisory Committee

The Mines Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) is composed of 32 current student-athlete leaders, nominated by Mines coaching staffs, and selected due to their leadership skills, positive contributions to their teams, and their excitement for and commitment to their teams and Mines Athletics.

International Student Council

International Student Council (ISC) is the governing body of International student organizations at Colorado School of Mines as a platform to ensure and enhance communication and cooperation within the International community. Experience the world within the campus is our motto.