303-273-3234 sail@mines.edu

Conducting Club Business

  • Invoices, Contracts, Logo purchases
    • Send to Begona Ruiz at bruiz@mines.edu with your index number
      • Invoices – send invoice, W-9 from payee and your index
      • Contracts – DO NOT SIGN, just send us the contract, your index and contact information for the entity your want to contract with
      • Logo purchases – send us the artwork, quote from approved vendor (see list at orgs.mines.edu) and your index
  • Purchasing
    • Fill out a purchase request – PLEASE NOTE whether you’d like us to purchase it for you or you’d rather purchase it and then get reimbursed
      • SAIL purchases it for you: 
      1. include direct links to the product(s) to buy and specify quantity
      2. include address where items should be shipped (if applicable)
      • You purchase the item with your own funds: 
      1. Submit receipt, name and CWID to bruiz@mines.edu
      2. Refunds will be processed daily to speed up you getting your money back
      3. These purchases will have tax, but it will be also reimbursed to you
    • Make purchases for items that do not need for your members to get together


  • Does your organization need any equipment or software licenses to stay operative and facilitate access and inclusion for all of their members?
  • Make sure you can keep everyone engaged and active. If, due to SARS-Cov2, and to continue club operations, you need any special purchases (i.e. equipment, software licenses, etc.), please let us know.
  • If you need ideas for virtual facilitation of club operations, or are experiencing issues with accessibility, please reach out to us.

Please, contact Begona Ruiz at bruiz@mines.edu for any questions or needs related to you club operations, purchase requests, and payments, etc.