Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you don’t see your question below, please reach out to a BSO representative!

What is BSO?

BSO stands for the Board of Student Organizations and is the distinguished governing group for all student organizations on campus and is a standing committee on USG.

What is the difference between BSO and SAIL?

 BSO helps organizations get money, handles the Allocation Process, presents to Undergraduate Student Government to get all funding for student organizations, manages the tier structure requirements, and has their own set of specific rules (t-shirts, 50% travel, food, etc.).

Student Activities, Involvement, and Leadership (SAIL) office helps organizations spend money, manages requirements given by the state and institution on how money can be spent, enforces point system on clubs and their ability to spend their money, and has their own set of specific rules (mileage, rentals, etc.).

How do I get involved in a student organization?

Browse through the list of events happening with our student organizations to get started!

What if there isn't an organization that interests me?

While we have over 166 registered clubs and organizations on campus, sometimes no one has thought of what you’re looking for! In that case it is very easy to start your own organization and create exactly what you’d like.

How do I find an advisor?

Finding an advisor is just as simple as asking a staff or faculty member to advise your club! If it is a new professional society, your department secretary would be a good first option to approach and see who they would recommend. For social clubs, you could ask your favorite staff or faculty member as long as they have an email address. If you are having trouble finding an advisor, contact SAIL at

How can I get treasurer trained?

Treasure training will be offerred at Fall Summit and one other time in the Fall semester. It will also be offered at least twice in the Spring semester. Information about when and where these trainings are will be posted in the SAIL newsletter.

Treasurer training expires yearly but does include a grace period to help clubs and orgs make purchases during the beginning of the new academic year. The grace period ends September 30th – after this date you must be trained again. SAIL is in charge of scheduling Treasurer trainings.

What are the benefits for being a recognized student organization?

There are numerous benefits of being a registered organization on campus which include, but are not limited to:

  • Ability to recieve yearly funding from USG allocations
  • Appropriate use of the Mines logo
  • Ability to set up a WordPress website for free
  • Information in Daily Blast
  • Access to student activities arts/publicity supplies
What are the requirements to be a Tier __ organization?

Each tier has different requirements as well as different benefits, including higher funding. To be eligible for a higher tier, more stringent requirements have to be met. All of this information is found on the Tier Structure page.

How do I get a website for my student organization?

To gain access to your student organization website, please refer to the website training found on the SAIL Website.

How can I get storage for my organization?

Storage for student organizations is currently run by the SAIL office. The locker lottery currently takes place at Fall Summit.