Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I get involved in a Student Organization?

Browse through the list of registered organizations on Engage and click “Join” when you find one you like!

What if there isn’t an organization that interests me?

While we have over 166 registered clubs and organizations on campus, sometimes no one has thought of what you’re looking for! In that case it is very easy to start your own organization and create exactly what you’d like.

How do I start a new Organization?

Follow these easy instructions and you’ll be on your way! If you have any additional questions about starting a new organization either contact a member of BSO Exec (contact info to the right) or Travis Smith.

How do I find an Advisor?

Finding an advisor is just as simple as asking a staff or faculty member to advise your club! If it is a new professional society, your department secretary would be a good first option to approach and see who they would recommend. For social clubs, you could ask your favourite staff or faculty member as long as they have an email address.

What are the benefits for a recognized student organization?

There are numerous benefits of being a recognized organization on campus which include, but are not limited to:

  • Yearly funding from USG
  • Appropriate use of the CSM logo
  • Use of an Engage portal
  • Ability to set up a WordPress website for free
  • Information in Calendar/What’s Happening emails
  • Access to student activites arts/publicity supplies
  • Eligible for Tier Organization of the Year

What is BSO?

BSO stands for the Board of Student Organizations and is the distinguished governing group for all student organizations on campus and is a standing committee on USG.

What are the requirements to be Tier 1, 2, 3, or 4 organizations?

Each tier has different requirements as well as different benefits. To be eligible for a higher tier, more stringent requirements have to be met. All of this information is found on the Tier Structure page.

How do I get a website for my student organization?


To obtain an organization home page, first you have to register your club for OrgSync and then you can customize your website from the OrgSync portal. Make sure that you and the student(s) you select to modify the website have officers or administrative priveledges on OrgSync.

If you have any other questions, feel free to email the officers listed to the right!

BSO Exec Officers

Tier 2 Representative
Allyson Cameron

Vice President of Operations
Tier 3 Representative
Nicole Masters

Vice President of Communications
Tier 1 & 2 Representative
Kelsey Ferro

Vice President Tier Structure
Tier 2 Representative
Emma De Angeles

Vice President of Finance
Tier 4 Representative
Kameron Bell
Caleb Workman

All officers are also available by appointment.