Board of Student Organizations

The Board of Student Organizations is a governing body whose purpose is to aid the over 150 student led clubs on the Colorado School of Mines campus. Our primary goal is to facilitate clubs in their success and longevity. It is our responsibility to register active clubs, provide all necessary tools, and assist in any way needed. We are here to answer questions, help with paperwork, give our advise and speak from experience. We also serve as representatives for organizations to the Undergraduate Student Government (USG) and to administrative offices on campus.

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Mission Statement

The Board of Student Organizations is a governing body whose purpose is to promote longevity and success for the over 150 student organizations. We serve as student advocates and the pipeline between student organizations and the institutions at large (Ex. SAIL, USG). By engaging with our organizations, we utilize our advocacy to responsibly allocate student fee funds to support organizations to build their career and institutional impact. 

For more information about BSO, please refer to our Bylaws

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Upcoming Dates

  • Tiers for the 2024-2025 school year have been sent out. Allocation cuts will be sent out before the end of the semester.

Past Dates

  •  9/9/23: Fall Summit
  • 10/27/23: Fall Meeting Requirement Due (Tiers 1-4)
  • 11/10/23: Fall Requirements Due (Tiers 2-4)
  • 11/27/23: USG Meeting Requirement Due (Tier 4)
  • 2/16/23: Spring Meeting Requirement Due (Tiers 2-4)
  • 3/1/23: Spring Requirements Due (Tiers 2-4)