AI/ML Club

     Colorado School of Mines

What We Do

We’re passionate about exploring the cutting edge of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Every week, we gather like-minded Mines students for dynamic meetings where we:

  • Uncover the latest advancements in AI and ML through engaging talks, workshops, and guest speaker sessions.
  • Showcase and support member projects. Got a cool AI-powered invention in the works? Share your progress, get feedback, and collaborate with fellow enthusiasts.
  • Tackle real-world challenges by participating in Kaggle competitions, putting our skills to the test and honing our expertise.

Whether you’re a seasoned coder or just starting your programming journey, the Mines AI/ML Club is your gateway to learning, collaboration, and pushing the boundaries of intelligent technology. Join us and discover the incredible possibilities of AI/ML!

Mines students during the M Climb


Group of MAC students


Two students high-fiving on a slack line

About Us

Mines students at Oredigger camp

Learning Resources

Find your perfect learning path. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, our resource page has something for everyone. Regardless of whether you learn best through reading, listening, or seeing, we’ve prepared a multitude of resources for you that’ll be just right for your learning style. Click here to discover insightful articles, engaging videos, and comprehensive courses to ignite your AI/ML passion.

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