Singing Valentines

How to buy a Singing Valentine

During the week of Valentine’s Day, both Melodic Miners and Harmonic Miners sell Singing Valentines. For a price, we will come and perform to a person of your choosing anywhere on campus! Check below for each group’s repertoire and availability!

To buy a singing valentine, come by our table in the Student Center Atrium the week of February 5th-9th! We’ll be there every day, 10 AM-2 PM! Payment will need to be made in cash (we currently cannot accept Venmo or credit cards).

We sell Singing Valentines at a rate of 1 song for $10 and 2 songs for $15. If you’d like to buy more than 2 songs, reach out to or to discuss pricing.

IMPORTANT: If you would like for us to perform in a class, you MUST have the professor sign our permission slip, found here!


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