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Qiskit Fall Fest 2023

Countdown to the Fall Fest!








Dive into the world of Quantum with the Qiskit Fall Fest, here at Mines! SQE is excited to host this event as part of the Qiskit Fall Fest series by IBM. Whether you’re a seasoned quantum enthusiast or just starting out, there’s something for everyone. Engage in technical hackathons, delve into beginner-friendly challenges, and connect with the quantum community. Experience hands-on quantum tech with guidance from IBM Quantum experts. Be part of the quantum revolution, expand your skills, and reserve your spot for this insightful experience!

Event Schedule


Quantum 101 and hackathon starts!

Come learn about what makes Quantum Computing “Quantum” and learn the basics behind Quantum Computing! and don’t forget about our hackathon!



Quantum Engineering Seminar

Join us for a seminar led by Zlatko Minev on Uncovering Local Integrability in Quantum Many-Body Dynamics

Abstract : Interacting many-body quantum systems and their dynamics, while fundamental to modern science and technology, are formidable to simulate and understand. However, by discovering their symmetries, conservation laws, and integrability one can unravel their intricacies. Here, using up to 124 qubits of a fully programmable quantum computer, we uncover local conservation laws and integrability in one- and two-dimensional periodically-driven spin lattices in a regime previously inaccessible to such detailed analysis. We focus on the paradigmatic example of disorder-induced ergodicity breaking, where we first benchmark the system crossover into a localized regime through anomalies in the one-particle-density-matrix spectrum and other hallmark signatures. We then demonstrate that this regime stems from hidden local integrals of motion by faithfully reconstructing their quantum operators, thus providing a detailed portrait of the system’s integrable dynamics. Our results demonstrate a versatile strategy for extracting hidden dynamical structure from noisy experiments on large-scale quantum computers.


Advanced Quantum Workshop

Learn some advanced techniques in quantum programming, including a hands-on introduction to coding in Qiskit!


Hackathon Collaboration Day

Last chance to work on the Hackathon, come in to ask any questions and get some advice!



Hackathon Close and Social

Results of the Hackathon are announced, come enjoy some pizza with us and socialize!